Judge Judy


  • Show Judge Judy
  • Date Added Nov 30, -1
  • Season 3
  • Episode 10
  • Ruling in favor of plaintiff
Amount of ruling: $4000


Plaintiff is suing for assault, medical bills and pain and suffering. Defendant is countersuing for false CPS charges against her.


Plaintiff claims defendant assaulted her at her sisters best friend house, at the park, claims defendant thought she was sleeping with her boyfriend claims defendant was on drugs. She says she came out of behind a tree, smashed her head really bad. Defendants boyfriend and plaintiff deny that they were sleeping together, boyfriend heard the rumor from defendant. Plaintiffs fiance claims that defendants boyfriend tried to run him off the road with his SUV, when he got to the park. Judgement for the plaintiff, counterclaim is dismissed.

ABOUT Judge Judy

Judy Sheindlin is originally a Manhattan family court judge who adjudicates real-life small claim disputes. Judge Judy is the highest rated arbitration-based reality court show in history. It has been named the highest rated program in all of daytime.
The show has been on since September of 1996 and there are more than 6000 episodes. It is estimated that Judy Sheindlin is worth over $300 million. She earns over $45 million per year and has a contract until 2020.


Ashley Taddeo

Nursing student, 17


Brandy Claflin

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    Someone needs to slap the smile off her face. I have a very good feeling that Daddy bails her out a lot. Example," your daughter ate my cat!" ( dad ?" The cat was in our yard, community property."?

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    Is it me or what ,seems u can sue anyone and everyone in the us ,glad I'm a Brit and yes it was a gift not a loan?

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    No good deed goes unpunished. The father gave him a place to stay when his girlfriend threw him out and he goes and creates all the drama and assaults the daughter of the man who helps him. what a loser!!! Both losers. Sadly they had a child together and that poor kid will have to suffer the misfortune for the rest of his life of having these lowlifes for parents. I would never hire her to photograph the wake of Charles Manson! Also, the girl boyfriend is a handsome kid yet she believes that the girl is infatuated with that ex-convict loser little piggy boyfriend!!! Please!!! Not all woman have her disgusting taste. Ugh! They must be on something. Ungrateful monsters.?


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