Unpaid loan to buy a car.

Judge Judy


  • Show Judge Judy
  • Date Added Nov 30, -1
  • Season 5
  • Episode 8
  • Ruling in favor of plaintiff
Amount of ruling: $1025


Plaintiff is suing for unpaid money to buy a car, $1700.


Defendant admits plaintiff gave him money to buy a car so he can go visit her, not a loan.; he claims he found a car through a coworker, he did not ask for it, plaintiff offered the money; plaintiff denies his claim. After consideration of the evidence, the Judge found out that defendant transferred her $675 for unrelated stuff, and, plaintiff transferred $1700 to defendant for the car. Judgment for the plaintiff for the difference.

ABOUT Judge Judy

Judy Sheindlin is originally a Manhattan family court judge who adjudicates real-life small claim disputes. Judge Judy is the highest rated arbitration-based reality court show in history. It has been named the highest rated program in all of daytime.
The show has been on since September of 1996 and there are more than 6000 episodes. It is estimated that Judy Sheindlin is worth over $300 million. She earns over $45 million per year and has a contract until 2020.


Sandra Tinoco


Daniel Hernandez

Had long distance relationship with plaintiff.

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    It's amusing to me how many litigants attempt to rush over to the bench to hand JJ something. They must receive some general instructions of where to stand and how to interact with the bailiff when it comes to evidence. Regardless, most folks have either seen the show before, seen another court show or been in a courtroom themselves. I just think people get so nervous from being in front of an intense JJ and on TV, as well as being fired up about their case. The plaintiff against Wolfrey was so gung ho she made it a third of the way there before Bird even knew what was happening lol. Just makes me smile everytime. I try and guess which ones are going to do it. Am I alone in doing that or is there some other JJ weirdos out there that do it too??

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    For some odd reason I find Judge Judy yelling at someone really satisfying. I like seeing people get what they deserve.?

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    What has happened that so many people borrow money today and trully believe they donít have to pay it back. Iím in my 50s now but in my younger days if you didnít pay back money you had borrowed you would end up in Hospital. There is no sence of responsibility today these lowlife scumbags are always right regardless of the circumstance. I think we have to many laws now that protect the scum of this world letís see how these scumbags fair if all law enforcement vanished over night. They would be paying back the money quick enough if there was no cops and just you with a baseball bat waiting for them.?

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    "Why didn't you just give her the money? She didn't want to hear you talk, I don't even want to hear you talk anymore..." BAAAA HAAAAAA HA HA HAAAA TEE HE HEEEE?


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