Return of Money, and, Harassment

Judge Judy


  • Show Judge Judy
  • Date Added Apr 23, 2018
  • Season 11
  • Episode 8
  • Ruling in favor of defendant
Amount of ruling: $0


Plaintiff is suing for the return of money, and harassment. Defendant is countersuing for return of property.


Plaintiff claims that her daughter, who is one of the defendants, left the house to go live with her boyfriend; she later called her to ask for money as she was hysterical saying that she was going to leave him, so she sent her the money for a bus ticket as she was out of State; she then changed her mind, stayed with her boyfriend, who is the other defendant, and does not want to give her the money back. Defendant claims she used the bus ticket later on to go home for the holidays as per her boyfriend request, also says that plaintiff is mad because she got back with him. Judge ordered for defendant to pick up her TV within 5 days. Although the Judge agreed with the plaintiff she ruled that the money was a gift.

ABOUT Judge Judy

Judy Sheindlin is originally a Manhattan family court judge who adjudicates real-life small claim disputes. Judge Judy is the highest rated arbitration-based reality court show in history. It has been named the highest rated program in all of daytime.
The show has been on since September of 1996 and there are more than 6000 episodes. It is estimated that Judy Sheindlin is worth over $300 million. She earns over $45 million per year and has a contract until 2020.


Wendy Moore

Temperance, MI

Defendants mother


Moore and Pashen

Toledo, OH

Defendant Moore is plaintiffs daughter, Pashen is her boyfriend.

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